by Tana Stone

She’s been promised a dream wedding. The catch? She was abducted from Earth and her groom is a hot alien warrior with a bad attitude. He’s a big shot commander used to being obeyed, but no way is she following HIS orders. Not when she’s a socialite used to getting whatever she wants. She could care less that he’s huge and ripped and drop-dead gorgeous. Right?

Sparks will fly in this steamy Sci-fi romance!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


by Tana Stone

How unlucky do you have to be to get abducted by aliens…twice?

Snatched from Earth to be a bride for a bad-ass race of warriors, Bridget has barely gotten used to her new life on the high-tech Drexian space station when she’s abducted again. This time the aliens are vicious and bloodthirsty, and they have very different plans for the pretty human. Can Kax rescue her and resist his attraction to her so she can become another warrior’s mate? Will she want him to?

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