by Eva Kent

I’ve caused my fair share of trouble for the Brotherhood. It took one reckless decision that endangered someone completely innocent for me to change my ways.

Since I’ve abandoned my mischievous ways, I’ve been productive. But something’s missing now. I just don’t know what.

That is, until I lay eyes on her – the cute omega wolf that I can’t get off my mind and that my bear wants to keep close at all times.

The only problem is…She’s kept on lock down by Fang – the alpha of the Street Wolf Gang whom we’ve just ended a feud with. Going after her would spark a war.

She needs help, and I have an unstoppable urge to protect her. But how can I do that without putting Penfell Height and everyone in it in danger?

I can’t go on living my new ordinary, well-behaved life knowing she’s miserable. I have to do something.

After all, what is a Blood Brother if he doesn’t defend those that need protecting?

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Category: Paranormal Romance