Tales From Ara: Book 1: Into the Unknown

by Gleem

She’s fallen into a bizarre magical world with a gorgeous elf who’s getting on her nerves. Can this impulsive teen survive a fantastical realm?

Caroline is blissfully unaware. Still living with her adoptive family, the daydreaming nineteen-year-old doesn’t question her instant success as a romance writer. And though she’s usually up for a challenge, she’s horrified when her mirror springs to life and swallows her whole.

Dropped into a dark forest, Caroline’s scramble to avoid giant insects lands her in hot water with a party of ferocious elves and their irresistibly attractive ruler. But with chaos erupting across his kingdom, the tense chemistry between them only adds to the whirlwind of trouble she’s struggling to escape.

Will their snarky bickering ever give way to the kisses she craves?

Into the Unknown is the anime-inspired first book in the spicy Tales From Ara romantic YA fantasy series. If you like quirky characters, pell-mell pacing, and laugh-out-loud humor, then you’ll adore Gleem’s steamy cliffhanger.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance