Taken to Voraxia: A SciFi Alien Romance (Xiveri Mates Book 1)

by Elizabeth Stephens

Blue skin. Seven feet. Strapped with corded muscle. The aliens have come to the human colony again and this time Raku, their king, is with them. His eyes are molten onyx and they watch Miari now with hunger.

She’s just an engineer, a mechanic, and a hybrid. She’s got no interest in being taken when he comes to claim her, but he seems to think she’s his Xiveri Mate, the being the universe fated for him.

So Miari runs. Raku chases. And when he catches up to her, slaughtering in her defense won’t be anywhere near as difficult as convincing her of the truth —

She’s his Xiveri mate, Voraxia’s queen and his to worship.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Taken to Nobu: A SciFi Alien Romance (Xiveri Mates Book 2)

by Elizabeth Stephens

There’s no way in the stars that Kiki will accept this purple-skinned monster as her one, true Xiveri mate. The aliens have already taken too much from her as it is.

Trapped now on his harsh, snow-consumed planet, she’ll fight. She’ll fight the one called Okkari with hands and fists. She’ll fight the heat that ignites between them. She’ll fight the ache in her chest where an empty hole beats, serving as a painful reminder that once, she had a heart.

It’s a heart that Okkari thinks is his.

And he’s up for the fight.

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