by Mia Ford


Thanks to that nosy brunette bitch, Beth, I served six months in Rikers Island for violating parole and cocaine possession. I spent every single day of those six months cursing her. I couldn’t wait to get out of jail – then I’d be able to really make that bitch sorry.

I hadn’t counted on her being so sexy. I hadn’t thought someone like Beth would be capable of arousing someone like me. But somehow, her innocence and naiveté turned me on more than ever before. Soon, the nosy little cunt was all I could think about.

Fucking her didn’t get her out of my system. But she’d be the one fucking me if I didn’t convince her to change her mind and refuse to testify against me.

And there was no way I could let that happen.


I never thought I’d sleep with the man who murdered my fiancé, Michael Bennett. But Alessio Amoruso wasn’t just a one-night-stand…I was starting to realize that he was more than just a crime boss with a sick sense of humor. He was strong and tough, the kind of passionate man I’d always wanted.

Too bad there was the little problem of Alessio murdering my fiancé. If I didn’t testify against Alessio, I’d never have revenge against the man who’d first asked me to marry him. Alessio told me that he’d changed. He swore up and down that he’d do whatever it took to prove that he was a different man.

But I never expected my heart to change. What was going to happen now that I was falling in love with the man who murdered my fiancé?

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Category: Contemporary Romance