Taken by Fae

by Charlotte Royalin

An overbearing father, pressures of an arranged marriage, and an ill mother are far too much for Penelope Rose to handle. She wants the freedom to make her own choices in life, and finds escapism through storybooks about faeries. Magical, benevolent creatures that grant wishes to humans. While Father Acaba and the priesthood say they’re savage beasts, bent on the destruction of mankind. But which is true?

Penelope finds her answers at the gallows, where two captured faeries are brought forth in chains. And one seems to take an unusual interest in her. She hopes he will be the key to adding some adventure to the mundane life of nobility, but what does he really want with her? Why does he come to her in her dreams? And why does he remain imprisoned underneath the Alabaster Temple?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Paranormal Romance