Taken: Arabian Nights In Captivity: A Daemon Jinn Romance

by LaSasha Flame

A Deliciously Twisted Take On Aladdin But Jafar Gets The Girl.

He Took My Lamp, So I Took His Woman. She Might Be Worth The Trade.

Jafar of Shaelia returned to earth only to discover Aladdin has broken into his secret chamber and stolen his lamp. The Street Rat used jinn magic to appear rich and noble to humans so he could work as Vizier to the Sultan.
Since Aladdin refused to hand over what belonged to Jafar, he took something from Aladdin: His fiancée, Jasmine. She has it in her mind that if she seduced Jafar, he would let her go. But the naive little flower has no idea of the dark desires lurking beneath his surface.
Jafar breaks her in hard and without mercy corrupting the Princess into the Queen of all his darkest passions. But Jasmine is not his to keep.

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Category: Paranormal Romance