Taken: Alien Commander’s Captive

by Hattie Jacks

All enemies of the Empire must die. But not her, she is mine to claim…

JAYNE: I’ve dedicated my life to defending clients against injustice, but the imposing alien male that’s captured me doesn’t believe in innocent until proven guilty. All Commander Rexitor cares about is his precious Empire and I’m its biggest threat.

This alien is going to make sure I pay for my crime. Haalux justice is swift and brutal, just like him. But I believe in justice and I’m prepared to do anything to survive, whether it’s defying him or the Empire.

I’m not going to ask for his help, if that’s what he thinks, because from the look in his eyes, it’ll cost me more than I bargained for.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Crave: Alien General’s Obsession

by Hattie Jacks

What’s worse…being abducted by aliens or being a host for one?

TARA – Worse turns out to be a terrifying alien General hell bent on claiming me, and my unborn child, for himself.

He wants complete submission and there’s no denying what I see in his deep red eyes, or the flash of his electric blue markings. He thinks he’s the perfect specimen of a Haalux warrior in every department.

I might not have been in this galaxy for long, but I’ve got a trick or two.

There’s a surprise waiting for the General and he’s not going to like it. Not one bit.

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