Take Two

by Christine Harvey

A second chance in Hollywood? Pfft. Samantha knows better.

After the infamous tabloid segment that landed A-list actor Evan Gallagher in jail, former reporter Samantha Jamison fled as far as she could. She retreated within herself, turning boring and beige. She’s only back in Hollywood to help her best friend make a film. A film that happens to star Evan Gallagher. And he has just asked her out. She can’t run away again, he doesn’t know her past persona, and he’s the sexiest thing on two legs. Plus, she’s tired of being beige. What could it hurt?

While Samantha navigates steamy kisses at auditions, Hollywood parties with lecherous casting agents, and her own warring heart, she and Evan move closer to the inevitable time when she’ll have to reveal her secret and lose everything. Or will she? Samantha learns that sometimes, you really do get a second chance…

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Category: Romantic Comedy