Taboo Romance: The Complete Series

by Ashley Sands

When Laura Griffith’s roommate convinces her to go to a club to celebrate the start of Spring Break, she never imaged that she would meet a sexy man. Nor that he would show up on vacation with her mother and her new fiancé as her soon to be stepbrother, Jason.
She tries to fight the attraction but Jason has other ideas. Laura knows if their parents found out about them they would be devastated, even cancel their wedding. She can’t let that happen, even if it means giving in to what she wants more than anything else.
But Laura has a hard time keeping her attraction and her feelings under wraps and Jason won’t leave her alone. Under the back drop of their parents wedding, they give in to their passion. Laura knows it won’t last, it is only a one time, one weekend kind of thing. Trying to convince Jason of that is a different matter.
Can they make it work? Should they even try? And what would happen when their parents find out? Is this a fling to Jason or does she mean something more?

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Category: Erotic Romance