Taboo Daddy

by K.C. Crowne

15 years age gap?
It’s naughty.
It’s taboo.
It’s scandalous.
It’s…. happening.

Noah was my cocky forty-year-old client.
Dark. Enigmatic. Incurably broken…
And…. incurably fine.
But, the beast in the perfectly tailored suite turns out to have a soft side.
And he’s one h*ll of a devoted father.

I know I know..It’s wrong…
The young and innocent city girl, with a big mouth…
And a forty-year single dad with a big… ego.

A scandal is the last thing my family needs.
And Noah has more enemies than I can count.

But the pink bars on the screen tell me this that little secret…
Won’t stay little for very long.

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Category: Contemporary Romance