Sweet Water Ranch Box Set Books 1-10

by Jessie Gussman

The Cowboy’s Best Friend: He’s a cowboy with a billion dollar problem. His best friend can solve it, but it might break his heart.
The Cowboy’s Secret Baby: Will Ty pick up his cowboy hat and come back home? Can he convince Louise that he’ll stay this time?
The Cowboy’s Beauty: Can he trust her with his face? Because he’s very close to losing his heart.
The Cowboy’s Best Friend’s Sister: Should he follow the plan, or follow his heart?
The Cowboy’s Convenient Marriage: The cowboy’s not afraid of anything…except losing his heart again.
The Cowboy’s Fairy Tale: He’s the billionaire heir of Sweet Water Ranch. His family is throwing a ball and he must choose a wife.
The Cowboy’s Secret Romance: He made a promise to her. And she’s riding west to make sure he keeps it.
The Cowboy’s Bargain Bride: Can love bloom between a woman who was forced to sell herself and the man who bought her to get her ranch?
The Cowboy’s Enemy: Can you love someone and hate them at the same time?
The Cowboy’s Mistletoe Kiss: Could they trust each other enough to work together? And what about that mistletoe kiss?

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