Sweet Tooth

by Aria Ford

Drew Liston is everything I have to avoid. Sexy, handsome…a billionaire and way out of my league.
He wanted me once, six years ago. I said yes. I let him break my heart. To be honest, I’ve never really gotten over him.
You don’t ever get over a man like Drew.


I can’t believe it’s her after all these years.
She’s just as pretty, just as sweet. But she’s shy now. I know why. It’s because I had her once and I let her go. Because maybe, just maybe she can still remember what it felt like when we were together. I made her pant and beg and scream my name.
Now she’s afraid to let me get close. I stop in her bakery all the time, try to be her friend.
It’s not the flavor of her cakes and pies I’m there for. I miss the taste of her.
This is our second chance.
Once she lets me in again, I’m never letting her go.
I’m a man who always gets what he wants, and I’m not giving up until she’s mine, once and for all.

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Category: Contemporary Romance