Sweet Love

by Holly J. Martin

Are they a recipe for a love match or a disaster waiting to happen?

Ty Johnson lives his new life in the shadow of his old one: the one where he was a professional baseball player and called up to the Major Leagues before a collision cost him his career and his fiancée. A family errand leads him to a bakery called Sweet Love, where the manager, Riley, is as tempting as her cupcakes are delicious.
Despite his habit of keeping women at arm’s length, Ty can’t help feeling protective of the sweet, sassy baker. But if he wants more than just a casual relationship, he’s going to have to earn Riley’s trust—and she’s not ready to trust any man.

Riley Garland has taken her talents far from her childhood home in small-town Alabama, all the way to New York City to run a cupcake shop. When the sexy but reserved Ty seeks her out, her instincts tell her he’s only going to break her heart.
No matter how great their chemistry in bed might be or how sweet Ty is to her, Riley refuses to end up like her mother: dependent on a man, ripe for abuse or addiction. Will her past define her future, or can she and Ty create a new one together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance