Sweet Deception

by Sophie Penhaligon

In the third book of the Angel Peaks series, Scarlett is offered a surprising work assignment when her unintentional life of crime doesn’t pay off.

Scarlett O’Brien, purveyor of sweet treats and naughty cakes in the small town of Angel Peaks, might be small in stature, but her larger-than-life personality and her fondness for unusual headgear more than makes up for her diminutive size. When a handsome but taciturn “wolf” comes into her bakery seeking his daily sweet fix, she finds herself drawn into playing a role she never imagined for herself.

Lysander Banks, an enigmatic stranger with a sweet tooth, appears in Angel Peaks seemingly out of nowhere. When he needs to create a fake relationship to seal a business deal, who better to help him than the enchanting but mischievous baker who currently finds herself in a spot of financial trouble.

When they head off to a team-building retreat and find themselves in close quarters, will their resolve crumble in the face of their obvious attraction, or will Scarlett manage to just take the money and run?

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Category: Romantic Comedy