Sunshine & Saddles

by Kristin Lee

Sometimes in order to heal—you need to saddle up and ride the one you want.

With a mega successful private jet business, Maverick dreaded returning to this one horse town. But duty, and devotion to his brother’s memory will keep him here. He works twenty hours a day, leaving no time for “saddling up” or finding that one woman.

Jessica lost her high school sweetheart . Drowning in her own sorrow, she can’t seem to find the strength to even look at another man.

When Maverick comes out of his hole, he runs into his brother’s girl. They not only share a dance—they also share the pain of losing his brother and her long time boyfriend.

She’s been in his thoughts since she was just a brace faced teenager hanging out with his brother, nearly ten years younger. But even then Maverick could feel the current flowing between them. The blush on her face when she caught him staring or the time she looked at him with doe-eyes when his fingers grazed her bare arm, was the reason his visits were short to Kissing Springs.

He tries to stay away and be loyal to his brother.
He knows it’s wrong to want her.
To dream of her in his bed. He wants her to push him away—tell him it’s forbidden.

What happens when she doesn’t? Will he fly away on his private jet or will he give her a leg up and into the saddle?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance