Summer’s End

by Kris Kassady

For cowgirl Molly McGuire, life is all about her animals. She’s spent her life around them, and there’s nothing that brings her more joy.

When Molly inherits Summer’s End, a fishing resort with plenty of room for her and her animals, she’s ready to settle into her life alone, but fulfilled.

Then Bart McKinnon walks into her life. An Army veteran, Bart’s years in active combat have left him with demons he tries hard to hide.

When Molly and Bart meet, they are instantly drawn to one another. But what starts as a fling quickly becomes complicated. The more time Molly spends with Bart, the more questions she has. Where does he live? How does he earn his living? Is she just action on the side or more than that?

Can Molly help him fight his demons or will Bart’s PTSD prevent him from living his life to the full? Together, can they create a future at Summer’s End?

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Western Romance