Summer Thunder

by Alan B. Gibson

Love is the only antidote to the death of magic.

A spiteful human has created a life-threatening catastrophe by contaminating the supply of fairy dust for three fairy kingdoms.

The kings must embark on a quest to find more, or face the extinction of their subjects.

A lucky break lands them in the magical town of Myers Beach.

The area’s water, land, and air hold the keys to making new dust, but there’s more to the creation of magic than simply gathering the components and returning to their lands to save their people.

Three strong, beautiful women capture the Kings’ hearts.

It’s not until the third king finds true love that mass extinction can be averted and the odious act avenged. But the path to true love rarely runs smoothly…

Can he persuade his true love to become his queen? Or will his failure alter the fairy world forever?

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Category: Paranormal Romance