Summer Flame

by Hayleigh Sol

A young summertime romance that ended too soon. An unexpected reunion years later where it all began.

Maya’s Vacation To Do List:
-Decide what’s next for my company
-Find my inner fire (wherever the hell it went)

Stressed out, overworked, and dealing with some…slightly embarrassing gastrointestinal issues, I reluctantly agree to take the vacation my family and friends insist I need. I’ll relax, recharge, and make some plans for the future of my company.

When the boy who charmed me at seventeen ends up at the same lakeside campground, grown-up Luka is just as charming now as he was then. Not that I have time for his swoon-worthy grins or that edible six-pack he keeps flashing when his shirt’s off.

At ten, he was my first kiss. Years later, he was my first something else.

Now? My old flame may be exactly what I need to kindle my inner spark again. One thing’s for sure – he can light my campfire anytime.

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Category: Romantic Comedy