Submission (Pleasurable Dominance and Control Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

An Ex-Army Soldier who retired due to injuries desires to have an heir. He wants a person who will deliver just that and no strings attached.

Peligrad asks his attorney to find a submissive, intelligent, and respectful woman to give him an heir that his parents always wanted.

Anthony, the lawyer, identifies Lizze, who is in a desperate situation to be the woman who can fulfill his client’s desire. Lizze accepts the contract to allow Peligrad to use her body as he wishes but has a condition that his dying father gets medical attention.

The agreement is completed and Lizze is delivered to Peligrad to use her body as he wishes but Lizze is determined to give only her body, not her soul

Peligrad plays all games with her body and she finds her body responding to his silly games, although her mind tells her otherwise.

Will Peligrad fulfill his contractual commitments?

Lizze is a virgin. Will she be able to give her body entirely to Peligrad to use as he pleases?

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Category: Erotic Romance