by Skye-Anne Chariss

Cliff has been shying away from the public and is forced to attend a put-on mask party. He meets a beautiful, curvaceous and elegant, lady.

Cliff had a terrible accident that left him scarred for life. He has been living indoors, avoiding people because of how they look at him as though they see a monster.
He attends this special mask-on party and meets her; the attraction is so intense.

Their first kiss makes him want more… She is free-spirited and loves adventure. They explore their sexuality together but the mask that is always on worries her…….

Will Cliff remove his mask?

Will she allow him to be himself with the mask or will she push him to remove it?

They fulfill each other’s desires but how long will this wild adventure last with the secrets?

If you love mystery erotic novels, then get your copy.
Adults only

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Category: Erotic Romance