Stranded: Into the Smuggler’s Arms Book 1

by Maddie Syn

This was supposed to be the proudest moment of my career, but then he ruined everything.

When I hopped on the shuttle to Orb5, I dreamed of saving humanity with my research. But that was before an alien ship crashed on my new planet, bringing a whole slew of problems with them. For instance, the arrogant pilot of the ship who just won’t keep his hands to himself.

Little did I know when Adreax, the hulking alien man, came walking into my research camp, I would soon be forced to choose between trusting the rogue intruders or the corrupt arbiters of the law. Then I make a grisly discovery that sends me running straight into the smuggler’s arms.

As I adjust to my new life among the outlaws, I discover that when the law is wrong, it takes a dangerously sexy alien, his ruthless co-pilot, and my fiery intellect to make things right.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance