Storm the Castle (Marry the Scot, #1)

by Jolie Vines

“Wait,” he said again. “Dinna deprive me of what I’ve wanted to do all night. Anyway, I haven’t finished stripping to persuade you yet.”
Callum McRae reclined once more, almost nude. Glorious. With his legs apart, he took his huge bulge in hand, adjusting himself through the material of his boxers.
“Your persuasion is convincing.”
“Then tell me you turned the man down.”
“Before I came here, I’d already made the decision.”
“Had you now?” A satisfied smirk pulled at his lips. He gave himself a lazy stroke.
“Stop trying to hypnotize me with that. I’m trying to explain it to you.”
Another stroke. “How about you explain a wee bit faster.”

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Category: Contemporary Romance