Storm Rising

by Miki J Jones

A Caribbean vacation to jump start her love life becomes the love affair of a lifetime for Nikki Cooper. Until she learns Jordan Clayton was once yacht racing legend Dan Mansfield. When the sinking of a racing yacht took the life of Nikki’s friend three years ago, Dan Mansfield was blamed for the tragedy.

Then the sunken wreck of the vessel is found and recovered, restarting a long-stalled inquiry into the incident. New revelations throw doubt on past beliefs. Only uncovering the truth will bring Nikki hope for peace from the memories and heartbreak. But the truth changes everything …

By turns sweet, sassy, steamy and vividly erotic, this intensely romantic, heart-warming and heart-breaking novel is the first in the series of a group of girlfriends racing the sailboat Pretty Woman.

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Action & Adventure Romance