Step-Dad’s Biker Enemy

by Kathilee Riley

She looks so out of place, here on the wrong side of town. Dripping with innocence, her cautious eyes darting everywhere. So vulnerable.
The perfect pawn.
Fifteen years ago, her daddy destroyed my life.
Now, I’m going to return the favor.
It’s only fair to ruin the person he cherishes the most.
So, I’ll stalk. I’ll chase. I’ll claim her. When I’m done, she won’t be Daddy’s perfect little princess anymore. She will be tarnished by the same man she’s forbidden to touch.
She’ll no longer be under his control. No longer pure for that wuss he arranged for her to marry.
If I were him, I’d kiss that wedding goodbye. I’ll ruin her father’s business deal. Thanks to his precious little object, his entire empire is about to fall.
Unexpectedly, so will I.
Too late, I realize she’s not the only one being ruined.
Revenge might not be so sweet, after all.

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Category: Contemporary Romance