Stalking Earth: Princes of the Potomac Series #1

by Bonnie Vane

Blaine Tannahill, one of sexy heirs to the world-famous Tannahill Guitar business, is a renowned party animal who rethinks his swinging ways when the love of his life gets engaged to his best friend. The last thing he needs is to drive away from a party and T-bone another car. But when he rescues the driver of the other car, Maxie Cottrill, he thinks she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

Maxie is still reeling from her ex-boyfriend running off with her best friend when Blaine Tannahill crashes into her life. She’s incensed when Blaine is forced to be her temporary assistant. As if that wasn’t enough, her father wants to use Maxie in his scheme to soak the Tannahills.

As Blaine and Maxie get to know each other better, their mutual respect and feelings for each other grow. But will their dreams of romantic redemption turn into nightmares when law and love collide?

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Category: Contemporary Romance