Spring Breaking

by Hayleigh Sol

A perfectly planned spring break in Scotland. Except for the tag-along ex, the tourist-hating caretaker, and the major career decision hanging over my head. Time to rewrite the itinerary.

You might think I’m a woman who has her life mapped out in bullet points – tenure, marriage, family. But lately, all I feel is trapped, filled with doubts about the path I’m on.

The Scottish getaway was supposed to be a chance to find my spontaneous side—buried under a pile of research papers, no doubt—and determine if there’s a future with my (currently ex-) boyfriend, otherwise known as Professor Wishy Washy by my five opinionated besties.
Instead, I find myself in a remote Highland cottage that’s more fixer-upper than fairy tale, with an ex who’s more ghost than partner, and an inept handyman whose affected brogue and laid-back lifestyle challenge every carefully crafted plan I’ve always followed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance