Speak of the Devils

by Bethany Jadin

It’s just a little party, they said. One night on Earth will be fine, they said. Mm-hmm. That was before the fire, the thing with the tigers, and the naked shenanigans with the humans. Now, I’ve fallen from grace and landed myself in the Lost Souls program — the last chance for rebellious angels to get their act together. If I fail? I’ll be permanently expelled from Heaven and stripped of my wings. We’re supposed to be making amends for our bad deeds by saving wayward humans from deadly sins. But Lost Souls is the cream of the crop when it comes to troublemakers. Especially those three sexy a-holes who won’t stop eye-banging me. Xander, Malakai, and Raziel. They’re devilishly handsome, wickedly charming, and absolutely up to no good. They’re definitely going straight back to Hell. And they’re trying their damnedest to take me with them…

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Category: Fantasy Romance