Sia is on a mission. Her ultimate aim is to search and destroy her enemy. Lying, deceit and manipulation were just some of the tools she had at her disposal. And for someone who was cold and emotionless like her, it wasn’t supposed to be hard to achieve her goal. But she had one big problem. And it came in form of a stunningly attractive man, who was distracting her from her chosen path. So she dealt with him by turning him into collateral damage in her elaborate revenge plan. A part of which, required them to do the impossible—to marry and live under the same roof.

Maintaining distance from her angry, resentful and a very much temporary husband shouldn’t have been hard. Especially because all they had between them were hate, mistrust and a healthy dose of lust. But slowly and steadily, her defenses were beginning to crumble, and it was getting very hard to protect her heart or remain SOULLESS.

Can Sia get past her demons to follow her heart? Or will she realize that sometimes—Love just falls short of retribution…

WARNING: This book contains sexual content and some disturbing themes that are intended for mature reading audiences only.

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Category: Erotic Romance