Someday Love

by Kristina Mitchell

Harper Bradley has no idea how to find real love. Half the time, she wonders if she even deserves it. Her mother always said she was a disappointment and given how many people have walked away from Harper, she wonders if her mother isn’t right. Though she’s never told anyone, she often fantasizes about the boy she met at a high school graduation party. He was the first person to really see her. What wouldn’t she give for a chance with him . . .

Jaxon Ashford has floundered since his father’s passing, and he’s not ashamed to admit it. He’s never been one to set goals and keep them. But in his mid-twenties, he knows it’s time to get his act together and establish a career. He’s also ready to date the kind of woman who won’t set his clothes on fire in front of the whole neighborhood . . .

A chance encounter reunites Harper and Jaxon. Sparks fly. Clothes come off.

It’s the sexy romance Harper has always dreamed of. But in her heart, she’s not sure if she can trust that it will last.

Jaxon adores Harper. He’d give her the world on a platter if she’d let him.

When someone from their past brings painful secrets to light, their love and ability to trust each other faces the ultimate test.

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Category: Contemporary Romance