by Susan Renee

One night. No names. No rules. Just fun.
I considered it revenge against my ex-boyfriend and it was hands down the most physical and best night of my life. But when my one-night-stand shows up where I work, I panic.
I mean seriously, of all the people in Seattle, what are the odds? I’m not looking for love.
Our one-night of fun was my attempt to escape it, but Chett Hayes has other plans.
He makes me a deal my friends won’t let me refuse.

Four blind-dates – each one followed by a date with him. Choose Chett in the end and win my happily ever after, or don’t and continue my happy single life, never seeing Chett again.

Rules are set. Lines are drawn, but when those lines are crossed, the playing field becomes blurry.
Chett is adamant this is a deal he can’t lose.
And I’m terrified he might win.

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Category: Romantic Comedy