Skin Deep

by Marissa Doyle

On the first morning of quilt artist Garland Durrell’s new life on Cape Cod after a painful divorce, she finds a man and a small boy washed up on the beach, both badly wounded. Garland takes on the care of the mysterious pair who don’t seem to remember what happened to them—and feels her heart begin to heal.

Alasdair does remember. He and his son are the last of the Cape’s ruling family of selkies, battling an ancient evil that threatens all, selkie and human. He’s not sure if he can trust Garland until he touches one of her quilts and feels the magic she’s sewn into it…and the kindling of a love he never thought he’d feel again.

But the evil entity that left Alasdair for dead quickly senses both his presence and Garland’s magic, and is determined to destroy one and possess the other. Only Garland and her quilts can save them all from destruction—if she can avoid being destroyed first.

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Category: Paranormal Romance