Sixx and the Hellhound

by Becca Vincenza

My name is Sixx, and I… am a sidekick. The badass, sprinting into danger lifestyle isn’t for me. At all. I’ll leave that to my best friend, Ana, while I watch her back from a safe distance. Far away. Unfortunately, whether I like it or not, sometimes trouble finds me.

Normally, Ana does her ass-kicking heroics of stopping the things that go bump in the night, while I help from the shadows. But things have escalated lately, and a rising number of baddies are practically kicking the doors down.

A new drug, called Dreamscape, has hit the streets and it is granting humans a burst of para powers. True Paras, who seek to remain hidden, have their hackles raised and are remedy this problem themselves… by whatever means necessary. Can we stop the potential war looming? Or will we be caught in the middle of a deadly supernatural feud?

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Category: Fantasy Romance