Sins of the Heart

by Eve Silver

5 Stars – “Thrilling, dark, exciting”

A murdered demigod.
A powerful soul reaper bent on his resurrection.
A woman determined to stop him at any cost.

Demigod Dagan Krayl hungers for the impossible—resurrecting his murdered brother, a quest that defies the rules of the Underworld and threatens to unleash a world-ending war. Blood drinker Roxy Tam is hell-bent on stopping him, willing to risk it all for humanity’s survival.

When they are forced into an uneasy alliance, loyalties are pushed to the brink, and a forbidden desire ignites, poised to reshape the destiny of gods and mortals alike.

For fans of dark fantasy, Egyptian mythology, supernatural suspense, enemies to lovers, and a kick-butt heroine.

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Category: Fantasy Romance