Sinner’s Obsession

by Ivy Thorn

Older, brutal, and with a distinct disregard for the law, Efrem is everything my parents—and society—would disapprove of.

His reputation could kill my father’s chances in the political spotlight, and with the election for governor looming, I’ve been given explicit instructions to stay away from him.

But that’s one thing I just can’t do.

Six foot three inches of cold, hard Russian muscle, Efrem is deadly and not afraid to use it for his pakhan’s benefit… or for mine.

His quick temper doesn’t help his case. But I’m not afraid.

I don’t care that he’s associated with New York’s most ruthless Bratva. It doesn’t matter if my family thinks he’s bad news or too old for me.

When it comes to Efrem, I’m ready to lose my virginity. Because no one’s ever made me feel so alive.

But as the daughter of a prominent political figure, nothing I do goes unnoticed. And my family’s new benefactor distinctly dislikes Efrem’s clan.

I must choose where my loyalties lie.

Caught between my family and the Bratva, can my lethal love survive?

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Category: Contemporary Romance