by Giulia Lagomarsino

Sinner is a bad boy with a heart of gold. When he meets Cara in a diner after she’s passed out, he needs to know more about her. She has serious issues, but she’s a fighter and Sinner wants to help her push through her issues to become the woman she used to be. He’ll do anything for her, including stand up to his boss and risk losing his job.

Cara used to have a normal life. She worked hard to get through school and became a
nurse at the local hospital. But that all changed when she was kidnapped by a serial
killer. She was the lucky one that escaped, but now she’s held hostage by her demons
and struggling daily to live life. Her therapist continues to urge her to go out and face
her fears, but she’s just not strong enough to do it on her own. Who knew that passing
out in a restaurant would lead her to the man of her dreams that would help heal her
with his comedic attitude and sexy body?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance