Sinful Protector

by Mia Ford

The moment my eyes met hers, there was nothing stopping me from giving her everything.
She’s devastatingly beautiful.
I want to protect her from the horrors of the world, if only she’ll let me.
I can’t leave her alone.
Not with her abusive ex on the prowl.
I would give her everything I have.
And I want her.
Every part of her shines.
Her touch is like fire.
Her eyes draw me in.
It’s impossible to escape from her, even if I wanted to.
I’ve lived my life for my bikes, my club and my foster family.
But now there’s only her.
I know she thinks otherwise.
Why else would she hate me after all that we had?
She’s the only woman I ever loved.
I want her safe, nothing can hurt her.
I’ll do anything to get back with her,
Even if it means following her everywhere.

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Category: Contemporary Romance