Silver Fox’s Secret Baby

by Ajme Williams

My boss shipped me off across the country, thinking that would fix the mistake he made.
The mistake of sleeping with me, knowing that I was his daughter’s best friend.
Getting me another job and making me disappear was one thing.
But he has no idea that our mistake could never be erased.
My son is proof of that.
I’ve kept my little one from Henry and my best friend.
If only my disappearance was permanent, he would remain a secret.
But I’m back in New York.
And every breath I take here reminds me of the steamy moments I spent in my boss’s bed.
I’m in a crisis and the last thing I want is to ask for help.
Henry may be the only one who can help me… Or help us.

The consequences of my secret will be big when my silver fox ex finally comes face to face with his own flesh and blood.

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Category: Contemporary Romance