Siefer: Warriors of Milisaria

by Celeste Raye

Is a king’s seeming indifference cause for betrayal? Should a woman forfeit her life to bear a child?

Destiney was honored to be the new king’s wife. It was a privilege she hadn’t imagined upon leaving Earth to marry an alien. However, King Siefer’s duties take him from her and their infant son for long periods of time. A handsome, young colonist gives her all the attention she craves. Should a queen find solace for her lonely heart?

King Siefer fears letting down the Milisarians who made him king. He devotes his time to repairing the damage of the former ruler. His human bride is left behind far too often. He loves her still, but can not reach a balance between his job and family.

While King Siefer is traveling across the universe, Destiney is feeling ignored. She finds friendship and more with a returning colonist. He is not as he appears. There is trouble brewing behind his handsome facade. Meanwhile, the other human wives are dying in childbirth without explanation. It is up to the queen’s friend, Alexis, to find a way to save them, including herself.

Will Destiney catch on to her lover’s dark plans in time to save Milisaria? Will Alexis survive to see her child’s first smile?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance