Shoulder Season

by Kathy Fawcett

Kay and Daniel are both fixer-uppers. Now they’re snowed in together over the holidays. Can they thaw their frosty relationship?

A rambling rustic tourist lodge nestled in a sunny bay on Lake Michigan is the only home wise-cracking Kay Kerby has ever known. With Thanksgiving and Christmas near, an epic snowstorm pounds the coastline, and a blizzard of bills threaten to bury Kerby Lodge.

But the storms Kay doesn’t see coming are the unpredictable Mayne brothers—a cloud of curls and attitude named Daniel and his younger brother Luke. Daniel just wants to be left alone. Kay is only too happy to oblige him, until a freak accident and record-breaking blizzard leave them snowed in. Now the only person Kay can confide in is Luke, and he’s thousands of miles away. Forced by walls of snow to face their broken dreams, Kay and Daniel set out on a journey of reclamation. In the process Kay finds herself hopelessly entangled with the Mayne brothers. One brother makes her laugh. The other just makes her crazy.

Kay is finally renovating her life. Now who will she share it with?

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Romantic Comedy