She’s Everything

by Sable Hunter

Daniel Blackhawk never believed in love at first sight until he falls for Sarah Riley like a ton of bricks. From the moment he sees her rush out into a busy highway to save the life of a little child, he knows she is the woman for him. Daniel isn’t the only one who’s captivated. Like a bolt from the blue, Sara is struck by the handsome cowboy who insists they are meant to be. He’s hard to resist, especially when he sets his mind on proving to her how good they can be together. There’s only one problem, Sara isn’t free. She’s been hurt, tricked, and abandoned by someone she trusted, so making herself vulnerable again is a difficult choice.

Laying his heart on the line, Daniel sets out to show Sara he is exactly who she’s been waiting for all her life. He wants to be her champion, her dragon-slayer, and her knight in shining armor – all rolled into one. With exquisite attention to her every need, Daniel begins to woo her – making her happy, keeping her safe, proving that there is nothing he won’t do for her. Their chemistry is off the charts, the heat between them is irresistible. Sara is Daniel’s everything. Their happy-ever-after seems assured…until the unthinkable happens. When their world falls apart, only the power of love can save them.

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Category: Western Romance