Shed My Skin

by Nola Marie

The wages of sin is death…love was never supposed to be part of that.

To the world, I am Maddox Masters, billionaire heir, golden-boy, and king of the spotlight. They don’t know the darkness inside.

I’m toxic. Dangerous in every sense of the word. My life is one horrifying event after another, and I am at the center of it all.

They tell me it’s not my fault. I smile and pretend for their sake, but I know different. Invite me into your life, and it’s guaranteed I’ll destroy it. I am Sin incarnate, and to atone, I carry everyone else’s as well as the weight of my own.

The world would be better off without me, and I’ve tried to speed up the process. But there’s always someone there to save me.

This time, it’s a whiskey-eyed angel with broken wings. I want to heal her, and she wants to save me. But staying close long enough to do so, I fear, will destroy her. Is she the cure to my poison, or am I the death to her life?

Shed My Skin is book five in the Sons of Sin series and book one of Maddox Master’s story, and does end on a cliffhanger. While the preceding books do not have to be read prior, it is recommended.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Breathe Again

by Nola Marie

From the flames of sin I rose, by her virtue, I fell…

I found her in my eleventh hour. My whiskey-eyed canary. Quinn.

Call it Fate or destiny or whatever, but she is the melody to calm my madness. With her, the demons inside me quiet. She doesn’t have a hold on my heart, she owns it. She is my everything.

I’ve been given a second-chance and I’m not about to squander it. This time, I’m not fighting to let go. I’ll fight the past, my darkness, and my fear and hold on.

To her, only her, and to our future.

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