Shadow Sentinels Collection

by Karen Tomlinson

This omnibus edition contains all four books in the complete Shadow Sentinels series bound together in one thrilling package! Plus a bonus chapter to complete the series!

My name is Ember Rawson, and I made a terrible mistake. I trusted the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation. And they destroyed everything I loved.

Now survival takes on a new meaning as I battle to win in a world of fight rings, demons, and betrayal. But all the fighting skills in the world can’t protect me
from him; the deadliest, most powerful Alpha I’ve ever met. And fate decided a long time ago that he owns my soul. Even in this violent world, he is the most dangerous thing to my survival.

Now I must protect my deepest secret, as well as my heart.

For Hell is coming to Earth…and it is looking for me.

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Category: Paranormal Romance