Shadow in the Mountain

by KaLyn Cooper

Another mission into the shadows was the last place he wanted to be. Last time it ended his career. This time promises death or salvation.

Ryker Tufano has spent the last several months drowning his survivor’s guilt—and unexpected ejection from the Navy—in alcohol and self-loathing. His entire SEAL team, and his memory, were lost on their last mission. A phone call from the mysterious Charley changes everything. It was all a lie.

When he discovers that his foster brother and SEAL teammate, Ajax, is alive, they must head back to Ethiopia to rescue the rest of their team.

Xena Riggs is angry with “someone” in Washington DC. They were willing to let an entire SEAL team be erased for their mistake…her mistake. Offered redemption and retribution if she helps two of Charley’s newest employees, she jumps at the chance.

As Ryker follows his guide into the mountains of Ethiopia, he’s not sure if she’s Xena Warrior Princess, GI Jane, a wet dream…or walking him into an ambush.

Xena is having trouble keeping her heart out of this mission. Lust doesn’t belong in these mountains. If Xena survives this assignment without being captured or killed by the rebels, there’s a good chance Ryker will kill her himself once he discovers the truth.

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Category: Military Romance

ELITE Redemption

by KaLyn Cooper

Have they set her up to fail as the first female field agent at Guardian Security’s New York City Center?

Ryleigh Davenport was trained in SpecOps, equally as qualified as any man who works for Guardian Security. Her first job—guarding a billionaire and his wife on a fix-it or forget-it vacation, at a highly exclusive resort on a remote tropical island—was exactly why Alex had hired her. Had the NYC Center manager purposely partnered her with her former lover?

Blake Albright was shocked when introduced to Guardian Security’s newest employee. Stationed together in the desert, they’d been lovers until the night she disappeared without a trace…or a word.

Will they be able to work together in paradise while protecting the CEO and his wife when threats turn into murder attempts?

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