Seven Brothers and A Virgin

by Ember Cole

They say I’m Texas royalty.

Well, this princess needs a damn break.

And an orgasm or ten.

Which is why I’m standing on the doorstep of Broken Creek Ranch in the middle of a thunderstorm, determined to ditch my virginity before my father marries me off to one of his filthy rich business partners.

My plan? Pick one of the Maddox brothers to do the deed.

But that was before I came face to face with seven of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen.

I’m desperately attracted to each of them. Even oldest brother, Vance, who’s dead set against my plan. He says I’m too young. Too innocent.


Fortunately, his brothers invite me to stay and play before choosing who will take my innocence, but how can I pick? More importantly, will I even get the chance? Because there’s no way my father’s going to let me go…

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Category: Erotic Romance