Serpent’s Touch

by Tansey Morgan

The day I stopped being the Hot Topic girl and became something else started as any other, but ended in the car of a devilishly handsome man whose net-worth was probably higher than the entire neighborhood I lived in. That, however, was only the start of the weird path I was about to set off on; a path that would take me to a place where reality collides with magic, where I find out everything I knew about the world I lived in was a lie, and where I’m the only woman present.

There are five of them – five of the most interesting, sexy, and probably dangerous men I have ever met. They live in a mansion protected by magic, and they tell me not only do they have supernatural abilities, that I have them too, and they’re here to help pull them out of me, but there’s a catch.

Supernaturals are being hunted down for the energy they possess, and if I’m not brought into the fold quickly, a fate worse than death awaits all of us. Not only is time running out, it’ll take everything I have in me just to stay alive; no matter how many men would put their lives on the line to protect me.

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Category: Paranormal Romance