Breaking Josephine

by Brooke Stanton

From an RWA award-winning and #1 bestselling author comes “a marvelous western love story.”

When Jack Harrington puts an ad in the paper for a young man to work his farm, the last person he expects to step off the train is Josephine Taylor—a spirited young woman from Manhattan.

Josephine’s life has never been ideal, but it’s a shock when her brother ships her across the country. With no money and her parents gone, Josephine has no choice but to board the train to a strange new life, unaware of her brother’s deception.

When Jo arrives, Jack believes she’s behind the lies her brother told to get her the job, and he’s determined to send her back to Manhattan. But always a survivor, Jo strikes a deal to stay with Jack and his children for a month and prove her worth. Jack warns Jo he runs a strict home. Undeterred, Jo agrees to his terms.

Stubborn and willful, Jo tests Jack’s limits. But soon the struggle between them raises strange new yearnings in Jo. With every battle forged, her willpower weakens as the sexual tension grows to the point of combustion.

Does Jo have the courage to fight against Jack’s guarded heart and fall into the intoxicating embrace of her truest desires…

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Category: Western Romance