Seducing His Little Girl

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Lauren’s desire for his Dad’s Friend is……. Unquenchable.

When she first met Mr. Hyde, Lauren finally understood the expression of butterflies in one’s belly. He was handsome, calm and all-around sexy. She didn’t plan on falling for him or wanting him in ways that would make a nun blush—especially since he was her dad’s friend and her best friend’s father—double trouble.

The once harmless crush Lauren nurtured has grown into an insatiable fire. She believes Mr. Hyde belongs to her, but he just didn’t know it yet.

When Mr. Hyde looks at Lauren, he sees a child that also happens to be his friend’s daughter. She is a sweet girl with a big heart. Surprised by the girl who acts like a woman that knows what she wants and goes for it.

If word goes out about his perverse behavior towards Lauren, all he had worked so hard to build could come crashing down.

Yet, when he stares into her eyes, he loses control and seems ready to sacrifice it all.

Daddy’s Friend Series is a tantalizing and gripping erotic romance perfect for fans of billionaire romance tales and Older Man Younger Woman Romance. Gear up for a wild ride of passion, drama, and crazy sex that will keep you wanting more. Scroll up and grab your copy now because Lauren is waiting…

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Category: Erotic Romance