Seducing Her Stalker

by Lacy Jane

Can Jaxon find happiness with the object of his obsession?

From the moment Jaxon sees Serena, he is completely obsessed with her. His life suddenly revolves around the sweet, sexy librarian. He finds himself crossing more and more lines as his obsession intensifies. When he finds out she returns his feelings, he is determined to make her his. Will she still feel the same if she finds out how deep his obsession with her runs?

Like all of my books, this is an OTT instalove with high heat, no cheating, and (of course!) a HEA. If you are looking for a squeaky clean romance, I am not your girl. If you like your romance a little on the dirty side, read away! Always a steamy read with HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!

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Category: Erotic Romance