Securing Freedom

by E.A. Shanniak

September 2019 – After the raid in Area51

I was a traitor to my nation. I was presumed dead by the government. An empty casket was buried upon the hill and the flag given to my parents who never cared anyways.

But I was alive, kept captive on the alien spaceship and taken far into the numerous galaxies beyond our solar system. They said I was to give them heirs just to see if my blood would work in their experiments to correct their deficiency. I could only hope it worked. I was afraid of the alternative if I proved worthless.

An alien with piercing magenta eyes, grabbed me by my hair, and dragged me down the hallway. “You’re mine!” he growled. I closed my eyes, wondering if it were better had I stayed in those underground tunnels of Area51.

Securing Freedom is an Reverse Harem Alien Prince Romance where descriptive, consensual sex is guaranteed.
*** WARNING – this book contains assault, battle scenes, and strong language that some readers may find disturbing and or triggering.***

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Category: Science Fiction Romance